About the Secret Cats

Welcome to Secret Cats.

Purrs and meows one and all. Our purpose is to be nice, have fun, share stories and tease dogs. In any order. It’s all about having more fans and likes. We are cats so it is not shallow it is fun! The Secret Cats have a facebook page, a twitter feed and we’ll soon have a special widget to count, compete and make a fool of our arch enemies the secret dogs! We want to beat those woofers. Our vote widget in the test stages so for now we cannot brag to the dogs about how rubbish they are. For now. Later, when the website is fooly activated we’ll start the competition and give those hounds red hairy faces all round! 🙂

The leader of the secret cats keeps his identity secret.

If you are interested in joining his club or voting on a regular basis we would be delighted! If you would like to be a contributor, partner or if you cat volunteer in some manner we would love to hear from you.

PAWS for effect…


We are putting together the worldwide secret cat fan committee. Admins


contributors are urged to get in touch.



Can you write an article or draw? Do you have have or take photographs? Are you awesome when it comes to clicking share and spreading the news? Do you love cats and want to be a part of the fun? Secret Cats wants you!


Coming soon!

  • Secret Cat missions! – to get those dogs in a harmless but red-face way!
  • Secret Cat challenges! – follow clues and win secret cat points and online prizes
  • How to draw a cartoon cat.
  • Video from Secret Cat HQ
  • It’s secret cats against the dogs as we begin counting up scores.
  • Who has most fans on facebook
  • who is bossing twitter.
  • How many visitors are the websites getting – and why does it even matter?
  • Your gallery – drawings and photographs
  • Secret cat merchandise
  • Secret cat newsletter

We will keep things fun always – although we WILL have a sad stories category if and when it becomes necessary. Secret Cats are canvassing for votes. Lets get more than the dogs!


Yes we are aware of certain DOUBLE AGENTS – that is, owners loyal, or attempting to be- to BOTH the secret cats AND the secret dogs. These two-timing devils walk a fine line – we don’t care as long as they vote fairly and evenly.


We love cats but we are NOT experts. If YOU have professional experience and would like to contributor as our resident in-house cat adviser we would be furry interested in hearing from you. Use the upcoming contact from and get in touch.


Look our for our leader as features in the cat tv movies. It is not propaganda but we must win this battle against those woofers!


We remember members special friends. This section will be celebration of feling friends no longer with us. They can be honorary members of secret cats and we will always make them welcome.


More soon!